SPECIAL event  – Sea Trips

Got a special interest you’d like us to build a sea trip around?  Birds, Geology, Sharks, Lighthouses? Whatever your thing, let us know, and we’ll try to connect you with others to make up a boat load.

  • Shark Watch Specials – Scheduled in peak Basking Shark season. June to September. If the plankton blooms and the giants arrive we’ll be out there to watch. Join us to witness this amazing feeding phenomenon and learn about ecosystems in action and all things sharky!
  • Geology and the Mining World Heritage Coast – Copper stained cliffs, amazing adits, engine houses and chimneys. The wealth of Cornwall’s mining history explored from a new perspective.
  • Snorkeling Safari – Can you brave the open water? Opportunities for experienced snorkelers to get up close and personal with our ever changing marine environment.
  • Rocks, Lights, and Markers- facts and fable. Exploring the navigational heritage of the West Cornwall Coast.
  • Birding Special for all you twitchers out there.
  • Sunset Specials for all you swashbuckling romantics.

Expertly guided, subject related commentary.

Watch our home page and specials notice board for places available on special event trips coming up…

3 thoughts on “Specials

  1. That photo is amazing – it sends a tingle down my spine. I can’t believe you can get up that close to wildlife in their own environment without being in a cage! What a fantastic experience – you are definately on my ‘Must Do’ list for our next visit to Cornwall.

    • Hi Sassi. It is an amazing photo isn’t it and really was taken off our boat, off the coast of Cornwall! Just to say interacting up close with any wildlife has to be done sensitively and anyone wanting to swim or snorkel with basking sharks needs to familiarise themselves with the Shark Trust code of Conduct before getting in the water.

      • Thanks for that – I didn’t even realise there was a Code of Conduct. Definately no harm in knowing what to expect & in this case, probably essential!

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